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Y.B. Unique Creations

Therapeutic Bonding

A Creative Gift


Being Creative can be such a blessing.

Y.B. Unique is a company that strives on creative ways to share unique art. Creativity allow strong connections to form through crafting, beading and fashion. Being able to manage through life dealing with depression and anxiety takes strength and commitment. Thanks to multiple creative outlets Y.B. Unique offer, we will help you manage and achieve life goals. We are proud of the journeys we have explored and look forward to future endeavors through each art form. Embracing naturally blessed gifts to build connections through strong networks for those who need a listening ear or shoulder to lean on; in the form personal bonds (not to take the place of any certified licensed professionals).  Centrally located in St. Louis, MO our office is equipped for private one-on-one sessions and group interactions. Additionally, we are able to provide special accommodations for most occasions with theme party activities (children/adults/businesses). For a complete list of services, please visit the Service page on this website. 

Group and 1:1 Sessions available

Purpose Beads

Beading 2 Bond


Beading 2 Bond is a great way to allow yourself to release some built up stress. If you need someone to talk to, schedule a visit with Y.B. Unique Associate for that extra love needed. 

Packages include your choice of:

  •  beads, charms, and/or findings

  • Select Activity

  • 30 minutes session

I offer Group Sessions and One-on-One Sessions for those who need a little extra love. 


Group and 1:1 Sessions available

Drag Queen in Purple Dress

Spiritually Bonded

Your circle is the most important life bond that you will have. Everything you go through (all the ups and downs) and the people you live for will forever be connected to you through your experiences. Create a stronger bond with your sister/friend or brother/friend with our soy jeweled wax melts. You can give them as a gift for any occasion. You can experience a ceremonial protection with each other. However you choose to make the person/people in your life feel a little closer to you - Y.B. Unique will help.   

Choose from:

  • Waistbeads

  • Rings

  • Bracelets

  • Necklaces

  • Earrings

  • Barefoot Sandals

Great for any occasion and any holidays.

Weddings      Engagements      Graduations      Birthdays

Baptisms      Sweet 16       Mother's/Father's Day

Proposals          Baby Showers      Anniversaries      Retirements

Pink Himalayan Salt