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She shares her-story

to inspire Greatness. 

She need more of her than of others.

She really believes there is more to her story; so she pushes herself harder than usual.

She can't stop but to think, "if she succeeds how much more pressure will she endure".

She can't resist  setting her expectations higher and going harder for her goals.

She has become so unreachable that her own actions become pleasantly satisfying to inner self.

No she doesn't shine like a star. She is a star and distant. 

  • The stones paved.

  • The trail blazed.

  • She is amazed. 

She Is what she wished to accomplish.

She Is


Poem written by Yolanda Buchanan

The Right Feeling with The Wrong Person



You just don't know the adrenaline I get to let go of something that felt so good that was so wrong. 

He would creep out of the bed to sleep on my couch just to be able to leave without waking me and to say he didn't sleep with me. Although, I was sexually satisfied I felt so alone in other way. 

I released the strain and stress built up from their arguments just to show that I was the better woman for him. At times I felt guilty, but the feeling was so strong that I would slip into an unconscious state - feeling numb.


I allow the tears to flow while sitting in the dark and making sure no one hear me sobbing - I didn't really want to answer the question of what was wrong with me. 


Although he was my everything - I was his extra anything. 

I couldn't resist the poise that he brought to my life after leaving an abusive and strenuous relationship. I got caught up in the moment and did not stop the feeling of his tender touch, his sweet kisses, his aroma and the physique of a stature he presented. 


Because I wasn't ready to relinquish control to yet another person's dominant demeanor, I accepted partial of him. Not even her left overs, but parts of him (his time, his love, his monetary gifts, his, his, his....... HIM). I didn't feel like 2 shift - the holidays were mine, the weekend were mines, the days were mines, but yet I didn't feel like 1st drift.


I don't regret loving him. I don't regret sexing him. I don't regret relaxing him. I don't regret anything. I just know I had to pull away because I don't want to regret him. 

It feels so good to let go of what was so wrong that felt so good. 







I let him back in. 

I love him

Poem written by Yolanda Buchanan


Without women who will you be? 

Children are the seed of a man. 

Blessed by the egg of a woman. 

Could a child be raised without a woman?

If so, would the soft and gentle touch be missed? 

Who would help conquer your fears? 

Who will whisper words of encouragement in your ear? 

Where will you go when issues rise? 

How can a child learn to be sensitive, grateful and strong? 

Who will stand by your side through trials and tribulations? 

Who will be there to fight with you when you fill abandoned? 

Without a woman who could you be? 

Questions Not Answered!

Is it wrong for me to want happiness? 

Is it wrong for me to walk away from misery?

Is it wrong for me to put myself first and love myself eternally?

Is it wrong for me to love myself more? 

Am I right?


Is it wrong for me to cry because inside I desire to be loved the way I want to be loved? 

Is it wrong for me to not hold back passion? 

Is it wrong for me to want to not too hurt? 

Is it wrong for me to be who I am? 

Can I be correct? 

Is it wrong for me to know that I deserve better? 

Is it wrong for me to think that privileges were abused? 

Is it wrong for me not to want to play games and need honesty? 

Is it wrong for me to want to be proven to?

Is it wrong for me to not want my time wasted? 

Is it wrong for me to yearn for my needs and desires to be met? 

Is it wrong to make it all about me? 

Am I wrong?