About Our C.E.O.


Hi, I am Yolanda Buchanan, owner and C.E.O. of Y.B. Unique Creations. My career in office support started in 1996 through temp agencies. I worked for various temp agencies until I was hired with the State of Missouri/Children's Division in 1998 - 2003. Through the years I became the bridge between the customers/clients and workers. Working for various companies over 20 years in customer service positions I always wanted to build a company that values their customers/clients. I have been on the front line as a cashier, order clerk, receptionist and many other position. Building great rapport with people has always been important. I knew my purpose in life would always be to bring happiness to others.

Beyond customer relations, first impressions determine future interactions. My opposition while working was always going above my actual duties to get results. These attributes I adapted in the corporate environment prepared me for what I offer as an entrepreneur. Y.B. Unique Creations is a name I can literally stand behind as it the combination of my name and my passion. I'm enthused to create unique jewelry. 

Office Support Staff with an extensive background in office management, administrative support and call center support (demanding, fast-paced environment). Contributed to successful operations of various private sector companies by streamlining processes to increase productivity. Knowledgeable in handling confidential matters and proprietary information. 

Customer Servicce Advocate: 

Elicit needs/sales opportunities and refer qualified leads to sales consultants. 

Troubleshoot rejectioins of electronic claims 

Call Center Experience: 

Conducted analysis to address customer preferences and feedback for value-added electronic data interchange start-up corporation. 

Research/resolve account and service problems 

Connecting members to providers for scheduling, conflict resolution, ordering prescriptions.

Set-up override for prescription orders with pharmacist.

Managed monthly account premium, set up payment arrangement. 

About Me

Yolanda Buchanan:

I am a creative thinker with a passion to help others. I started my company, Y.B. Unique because I was struggling as a mom of 5 children to meet the demands of my job. I loved my position, but it felt as if I couldn't fully commit to a schedule that didn't suit my family's needs. My journey of being an entrepreneur began in January 2022. I know being a super-parent isn't easy, especially with little to no support, but the world doesn't stop to allow you to catch up. One of the reasons I decided to fully engage into entrepreneurship. I want to help others develop their vision and excel in their business. It's ok when you can't think of things to do outside of what have already put in motion for your business. I'm here to help.  My strongest skills are idea strategizing, networking and handling/resolving customer/clients' issues. I will love to step in to see where I can open a new path for your company.