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Relax   Rejuvenate   Resolve   Respond

Y.B. Unique Creations


Are you thinking about your next move? 

Do you wonder how you can generate income consistently?

Do you feel like your business is not moving forward?

Book a 15-minute consultation with me to revise your vision with new or improved ideas to expand services/products; gaining the clientele needed to sustain continuous flow income with Y.B. Unique Creations. 

Y.B. Unique Creations will help you to Relax and  Rejuvenate. 


Through our supportive services you are able to Resolve and  Respond.

Take the time to deal with and heal from anything that blocks your vision and goals.



Need an idea for a start up business? Or are you looking into rebranding an existing business.? Y.B. Unique Creations is your source for new and revised ideas. We take the footwork out of guessing what to do next. Destress yourself and allow us to handle the smaller things.

These are some of the services we offer:

  • Bring New Ideas

  • Freshen-up Revised Ideas

  • Create  Different Perspectives

  • Help Push Through

  • Complete Research

  • Help Resolve

We look forward to hearing from you!


Other Services

Our company provides virtual administrative support to small businesses and individuals. If you require assistance with basic office tasks please contact us for further information.

We also provide support to Small Businesses as a Solution Strategist. Let's talk about your business needs and see where we can help. 


Your portal to business solutions!
Virtual Assistance Services Offered!
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Y.B. Unique:

Help create new ideas for businesses that are at a standstill. The creative thinking aligns with the company's objective. With the enhancements extra revenue is generated and the company can continue to grow. We implement strategies that has been proven to work to see an increase within 90 days or less. Y.B. Unique supports positive changes. 


About Me

Yolanda Buchanan:

I am a creative thinker with a passion to help others. I started my company, Y.B. Unique because I was struggling as a mom of 5 children to meet the demands of my job. I loved my position, but it felt as if I couldn't fully commit to a schedule that didn't suit my family's needs. My journey of being an entrepreneur began in January 2022. I know being a super-parent isn't easy, especially with little to no support, but the world doesn't stop to allow you to catch up. One of the reasons I decided to fully engage into entrepreneurship. I want to help others develop their vision and excel in their business. It's ok when you can't think of things to do outside of what have already put in motion for your business. I'm here to help.  My strongest skills are idea strategizing, networking and handling/resolving customer/clients' issues. I will love to step in to see where I can open a new path for your company.  



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Coming Soon


Y.B. Unique offers various services to fit your needs. Contact Us For More Information!